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iBattz was founded in 2010 with the singular vision of incorporating innovation and technology in our everyday essential products.

Since then, iBattz has become synonymous with high-quality and thoughtful products that truly add convenience to our everyday lives.

From making the world’s first removable battery for the iPhone, the iBattz brand has come a long way since. We currently have one of the fastest charging wireless powerbank and also the lightest and most powerful Sonic toothbrush on the market. There is no limit or boundaries when it comes to the design and development of our products.

We are continually making leaps in the development of our products. We believe that any everyday product can be made better with innovation and technology. We have held this belief since Day-1 and will continue to do so with our future product launches.


ibattz LLC

PO Box 28524
San Diego, CA 92198

ibattz brand is managed by Magmarvel Holdings Pte. Ltd.

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