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This is the type of steak you must have once in a lifetime, at least! It looks and tastes so amazing due to its grade, a perfect gift for a graduation, Father’s Day, birthday, any special occasion is an occasion to treat yourself with the best food.


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Not only is this special type of steak a marvel to look at, it is absolutely delicious. A sophisticated, upscale variety – a properly cooked and presented tomahawk is truly a sight to behold, and will have your mouth watering while delighting your taste buds.

Tomahawk Steak is cut of ribeye that has 12.8 or more centimetres of extra rib bone for presentation and cooking purposes. There are other names associated with Bone in Ribeye, for example, the Cowboy Ribeye, but the Tomahawk takes your breath away with its succulent look. The meat packer takes a cut of the ribeye and leaves the rib bone in to a length of about 50cm, which is were the navel begins. Then, they remove the excess meat and the bone is exposed, voila your, Tomahawk. It’s called “Tomahawk” cut because the steak with the long bone resembles a single handed axe… Can you handle that?

A highly marbled, exquisitely tender and flavourful steak, the tomahawk is primarily taken from the longissimus (Latin for “longest one”) dorsi, or loin, of the steer. This consists of two muscles outside of the steer’s rib cage that run along both sides of the spine. It is also the main muscle used in T-bone and Porterhouse steaks.

This is a key point. Since these particular muscles aren’t utilised as much as others, they are particularly tender and soft. When cooked, this wealth of intramuscular fat combines with the elements released from the large bone to give its sweet, rich flavour and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Despite technically being the same steak cut, there are a few key differences between a tomahawk and a traditional ribeye. Obviously, the easiest to spot is the extended bone, which gives the tomahawk its impressive, instantly recognisable, eye-opening presentation. It certainly makes for an enticing point of discussion at the dinner table.

The other main distinction is size. The tomahawk is cut according to the thickness of the rib bone, and is generally about 5 cm thick, while typically weighing between 850g and 1.28kg.

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